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Stairs have always played a central part in the life of humankind. The art of stair building dates back to 6000 B.C.  Starting  with the notched logs of prehistory thru the Great 6000 granite steps to the top of the sacred mountain Tai Shan in China, (Confucius is said to have climbed to the top in 55 B.C.), to the circular stairs in the Castle Keep in the Dark Ages.

It became evident there was a military application to the art, and by the 11th century,  England had developed the narrow, circular, interior keep stairway: stone steps curving on the left, with no rail, to be deafened by right-hand swordsmen at the top of the stairs to Leonardo de Vinci’s masterful drawings of multiple interwoven  stairs of the Middle Ages.



The late 19th century is considered by many to be the Golden Age of Stair Building. Peter Nicholson developed his mathematical system of stair casing and hand railing and made the art available to the master carpenter. By the late 1980's, Eva Jiricna of London was designing stairs in glass and stainless steel which look like something out of the future.  Architects and builders in the 21st century will continue to move the craft to new dimensions while keeping the century old combination of rise and run.  

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